Research & Development

Lividi was founded by researchers based on technological know how and results from basic research. Hence, we have a strong background in research and connections to both research institutions and industry. We consider participation in research and innovation projects important, in order to develop and gain new knowledge in areas of high importance for our customers. Building and strengthening relations to relevant partners and institutions are also important.

Research approach

Lividi is a software company with a prototype driven approach to research. Based on initial architecture and design we implement prototype software as a proof of concept. For test and validation purposes we iteratively improve the software, and experiences with prototypes are then fed back into revised architecture and design.

Research projects

Lividi has participated in several research projects since 2008 together with both national and international partners. The MARCH (Multilink Architecture for Multiplay Services) project has successfully finished, where the final public workshop and evaluation took place at Telenor, Oslo, Norway, in September 2011.

Lividi was also a partner in the VERDIONE (Technology for mixed-reality stages) project.

CEO of Lividi, Viktor S. Wold Eide, during the final MARCH workshop demonstrates that the Lividi video conferencing system can utilize and maintain the conference session when connecting and disconnecting different networks (3G, WiFi, and Ethernet). The concurrent utilization of the available networks could be followed at the right hand side. Photo: Norunn K. Torheim, Perduco.