Dynamic Quality of Service

Lividi solutions have been designed to provide users with the optimal media experience for all applications, at any time, and at any location. The Lividi Quality of Service (QoS) management software modules at all times consider the needs of the particular user and application to derive the technical requirements of the running system, and continuously adapt the system to the environment and available resources.

Fast Delivery of High Quality Content

To provide the highest media quality in the most bandwidth efficient way, Lividi applies state-of-the-art techniques for media content processing, encoding, and decoding. Lividi applies processing algorithms that introduce the lowest possible delay, and advanced media codecs that protect the media content against bandwidth fluctuations and other network failures.

Adaptable Media Streams

QoS management software monitors the available networks and their characteristics to find the best possible means for media transport. Lividi's robustness and resilience technology aggregates bandwidth from several networks to increase the total bandwidth capacity provided to applications. Monitor information about network capacity and packet loss enables Lividi applications to adapt the media streams to the current network situation.