Management Team

Viktor S. Wold Eide is CEO in Lividi and also actively involved in technology development. Eide's interests include distributed systems, communication systems, publish-subscribe based communication, multimedia, real-time systems, quality of service, and parallel processing. He has published several papers on adaptable and scalable video streaming systems. Eide holds a Dr. Scient. (Ph. D.) from the University of Oslo, Norway, in 2005. The title of his thesis was "Exploiting Event-Based Communication for Real-Time Distributed and Parallel Video Content Analysis". Eide also holds a Cand.Scient. (M. Sc.) from the University of Oslo, Norway in 1998.

Stephan M. Wold Eide is board member of Lividi. He is a lawyer from the Univeristy of Oslo (1996), Norway and holds a MBA from the Norwegian school of Economics (NHH) Bergen (2006), Norway. He has broad experience from being engaged working for governmental bodies and international companies within different sectors.