Spitsbergen Excavations 2010

As a public demonstration of our multilink technology, as developed in the MARCH project, Lividi provided live, multilink streaming to the Ichthyosaur excavation project 2010 at the Arctic island of Spitsbergen. In the Ichthyosaur excavation project, paleontologists at the University of Oslo excavate several large marine reptiles close by Janusfjellet, a few miles outside Longyearbyen.

The Lividi Adaptive Media Router (AMR) efficiently routes video streams over two separate radio links from the excavation site, via radios on top of Janusfjellet, to a Lividi AMR in Longyearbyen. The AMRs monitor the two links, and distribute the stream of video packets over the links according to link availability. From Longyearbyen, the video is published directly to the Internet, allowing the public to follow the excavations live.

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