Success stories

Since the company was founded there have been several projects and deliverables achieving a range of different goals. Activities have included making products, platforms and services and also providing high-end technology consultancy services. Additionally, we have participated in research and development activities reaching common goals within challenging technology domains.

Lividi’s focus has been on customers with application requirements for challenging computer network environments, by leveraging its core competence within the networks and distributed systems field. Lividi’s team has proven through public international projects and customer projects its capability for delivering high quality cutting edge software solutions for this challenging application domain. Lividi has developed products, services, research and customer projects together with research institutions, Tandberg (company acquired by Cisco), Telenor (and other EU-project partners).

Since January 2013 Lividi has focused most of its resources on working with the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency, resulting in HERMOD, a tactical and mobile network system for the Norwegian Armed Forces. The HERMOD system has been in operational use by the Norwegian Armed Forces since 2015 and is appreciated among others due to ease of use and highly reliable software.