Video Conference Systems

Lividi offers a flexible, low latency, resilient, and scalable video conference system. The system has decentralized media distribution unlike traditional video conference systems that are based around expensive Multipoint Control Units (MCUs).

The decentralized nature of our solution makes for more direct communication among conference participants by not having all the communication go thorough a central point, often saving bandwidth and significantly reducing delay. The absence of a centralized MCU makes the system much easier to scale. The Lividi platform makes it easier to set up the system with high availability, since there is no single point of failure. Graceful degradation is provided in situations where resources are scarce.

Remote Learning

Video conference systems are increasingly being used in remote learning applications. The Lividi Equi-stream product is the first video conferencing product of professional quality providing live video training over the Internet for use within the equestrian disciplines.

Customization and Integration

By building on our competence and existing technology offerings we can help you bootstrap your solutions or provide you with a tailored solution.